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  • Art and a Naked woman
    Yesterday I spent quite a lot of time on my knees in front of a naked woman that I’d never met before. No, this isn’t a confession of extra-marital carrying on, I had enrolled myself on an Art Nude photography course with the full blessing of my wife, and was on my knees because thatContinue reading
  • Tackling Climate Change Part 2 – Recycling
    Recycling drives me round the bend. I feel SO much better getting that off my chest! It’s not the principle of the thing – I fully support the idea of recycling as much as we can and sending as little as possible to landfill. I don’t want the seas and our marine life full ofContinue reading
  • Tackling Climate Change Part 1- Fossil Fuels
    Climate change is something we can no longer ignore, but how can we change our behaviour, will it make any difference, and what might it actually mean for the way we live our lives? I’m no scientist, and I’m certainly not an expert, but (as ever) I have plenty of opinions on the subject andContinue reading
  • The Aftermath of the Election. Where now for Remainers?
    As both a Liberal Democrat and a staunch Remainer, it’s safe to say that the result of the election was not what I had hoped for when the campaigning began so optimistically a few weeks ago. Yet I feel curiously at peace with the result – why? Whatever side of the Brexit debate you standContinue reading
  • Is it ever acceptable to drink in the morning?
    We’re off on holiday, hurrah! Wakened by the alarm at 4:30am we’ve made our way to the airport, braved Easyjet’s automated check-in, passed through security unscathed, grabbed breakfast in the departure lounge and walked the miles to the gate. As we take our seats on the plane it’s obvious we have a stag party withContinue reading
  • A state of undress
    Imagine if I asked you to strip down to your underwear, step through a door into an area containing several hundred people you’ve never met before, and just mingle. I suspect your two word response would finish with “off!”. Yet here I am in pretty much exactly that situation, surrounded by acres of exposed humanContinue reading
  • Flying – much more than just getting on a plane… Part 1- The Departure Lounge
    I love airports, even though most of my travel is work related and therefore hardly glamorous. Once you’ve fought your way past the bag drop desks (if you’re using them) and the security scans you step, as if through the wardrobe into Narnia, into a different world – the world of the Departure Lounge. IfContinue reading
  • Self Driving Cars and the M25? Good luck with that…
    I recently bought a new car, and one of the many toys it came with was Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Technical bit that you can skip if you know what this is: ACC is like ordinary Cruise Control but with a cunning extra feature; a radar is built into the front grille of the car,Continue reading
  • Supermarket Etiquette
    Do you ever find the way that people behave in Supermarkets is completely baffling? My easy guide below will help you navigate this alien environment…. Parking When going to the supermarket, the first duty is usually to park the car. Even at this early stage there is etiquette to be observed. As soon as youContinue reading
  • Introducing myself
    Hi, I’m Patrick, a part-time IT consultant and Vicar’s husband. My interests include Aviation and Vintage Cars, but I’m also a keen social observer, interested in politics and (according to my wife) an extraordinarily impatient driver! The purpose of the blog is for me to share my observations on all sorts of things. I don’tContinue reading

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